Current Services

General Forensic Consultation

Dr. Loveland has been around long enough to have “seen it all,” and he is often asked to consult with family law attorneys regarding a variety of issues. More

Public Speaking Engagements

Beginning as a young psychology intern teaching parenting classes, Dr. Loveland has been presenting at various workshops and seminars throughout his career. More


Parent/Child Observations and Home Visits During Custody Evaluations

When a new client and I are discussing the custody evaluation process during that parent’s first appointment, two of the most frequently asked questions are, “What will happen during the parent/child observation?” and, “Will you be doing a home visit?” These two questions and the anxiety in the parent’s voice are a sure sign that this particular parent has done some Internet research because parent/child observations and home visits are frequently mentioned on websites devoted to custody and family law evaluations.

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Retirement Announcement

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website. As a licensed psychologist in private practice since 1978 I have been afforded the opportunity as a therapist to meet and work with hundreds of children, adolescents, and families. These clinical services have also included a very large number of comprehensive evaluations designed to help divorcing couples settle their custody and parenting plan disputes and to make good decisions for their children during a time of family disruption. Providing therapeutic and clinical services for over 40 years to all of these wonderful people has been a distinct privilege and honor. Thank you!

The time has come for my professional retirement as both a therapist and a custody evaluator. I intend to continue to provide some forensic consultation services as described elsewhere on this website (see Current Services), but I am no longer providing any custody or parenting plan evaluations or taking any cases involving parenting coordination. My respect and appreciation for the family law community has only increased over the years. Thank you to those many attorneys who have remained child-focused as we have worked together to resolve so many difficult family situations.

I intend to keep this website active during my retirement in order to provide visitors with information that families have found helpful over the years, particularly those families who might be involved in custody, parenting plan, or relocation litigation. I will also include resource information from other sources regarding a broad range of family topics that might be of interest to parents. I hope you find this website helpful.

Robert J. Loveland, Ph.D.